Anxiety Relief Tips

Anxiety Relief Tips

Anxiety relief tips, when you put them into practice during your entire life, can help you relieve anxiety on a regular basis. Sometimes, the best way to get over serious anxiety problems is to simply manage anxiety bit by bit, chipping away at your anxiety levels and keeping them low over time so that you don’t have to worry about being anxious any more.

Although I used to struggle with panic attacks, they’re no longer a problem for me because of various forms of treatment. However, I still have to use anxiety relief tips like these on a daily basis to keep my overall anxiety levels low. This helps me ward off overwhelming anxiety and keep myself on an even keel throughout most of my days. Here are the main anxiety relief tips that I live by. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful, too!

Learn to say no

Much of my previous anxiety had to do with my overwhelming to-do list. It’s very easy to get overly anxious when you feel that you have too much on your plate to possibly cope with and when you are struggling to get through each day energy-wise. The best of my anxiety relief tips to live by, then, is to just say no. I have now whittled my life down to the essentials, such as working at my job, writing, and spending time with family. That’s enough for me, and I say no to many other things people want me to do just so I don’t get too busy and anxious.

Get regular exercise

This is the most basic of anxiety relief tips that many anxiety sufferers don’t know about or simply ignore. However, in my time researching and overcoming chronic and severe anxiety, I’ve definitely found that the mind-body connection is essential to overcoming anxiety. Working out with your body can help relieve muscular tension, which, in turn, relieves mental tension and anxiety. These days, I spend at least half an hour a day walking the dog, gardening, doing yoga, or getting other forms of light exercise, which is enough to keep my anxiety levels at bay and to keep me in fairly good physical condition.

Write it down

Part of the reason that I keep a website about anxiety is that it’s helpful to remind myself of all I’ve learned about anxiety relief tips and tricks. I also keep a journal, though, and this helps me to get out thoughts about my anxiety and other problems that keep me from enjoying life on a daily basis. Just by exorcising these thoughts from my mind and getting them on paper, I can often make myself feel less anxious and tense.


One of the best ways to beat anxiety, I’ve found, is to really enjoy the company of others. This doesn’t mean dragging myself to a party every Friday night whether I feel like it or not. For me, it means making time to spend with my family and close friends. It means playing Scrabble together or just watching a movie or having a conversation. Unwinding with the people I love helps me keep life in perspective and combat anxiety on a daily basis.

Keep tabs on my anxiety levels

I’ve seen many anxiety sufferers who were so obsessed by not being anxious that they were becoming more anxious about their actual anxiety levels! It’s a dangerous game to get into! I, for one, try to keep tabs on my mental condition and anxiety levels without obsessing about it. It can take some time to learn how to do this, but eventually, you’ll start to recognize your early signs of rising anxiety, so that you can take some more dramatic steps to overcome the problem before it gets out of hand.