Emotional Anxiety

Emotional Anxiety

What makes emotional anxiety such a problem for so many people? These days, more and more people seem to be experiencing emotional anxiety disorders like Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with all the stress that’s present in our world, along with the fact that we typically are under-exercised and over-eating. After all, when we treat our bodies poorly, our minds and emotions are likely to suffer the consequences!

Emotional anxiety through problems like GAD can be a huge problem because this type of anxiety actually cuts down on your emotional control. For most people, it’s not that difficult to stuff unnecessary worries into the backs of their minds – essentially to control that anxiety and not feel the emotions that are bothering them. This is actually a healthy trait most of the time because it keeps people from having to deal with anxious emotions that are not helpful in everyday life.

However, people with emotional anxiety may lack the ability to control unconscious emotions. For these people, feelings of anxiety and fear may creep up without warning, and they may be completely out of control until some outward stimulus helps them to control the emotion. Whether that stimulus is medications, herbal remedies, or calming therapies, people who suffer from GAD and other anxiety disorders lack the natural control of their emotions to get rid of these negative emotions like most people can.

One recent research study out of Stanford University is really interesting because it talks about how people with emotional anxiety originally respond to anxiety-causing stimuli in a normal way. After all, when you see a barking, angry dog lunging at you, it’s totally normal to feel anxious and afraid, whether you have an anxiety disorder or not!

However, people with GAD don’t then have the ability to control those negative emotions, which might be linked to actual brain function. In a normal, healthy adult, the negative emotions will be dealt with on a subconscious level, but those with emotional anxiety will have to consciously stuff the emotions back where they came from – if they’re able to do even that!

What to do about emotional anxiety

So, if you can’t handle negative emotions naturally in a subconscious way like many people can, what do you do about emotional anxiety? One of the best options is to undergo therapy like cognitive-behavioral therapy in order to learn how to keep your thoughts and actions in check so that you don’t make your anxiety worse.

Another option is to learn to use external stimuli to control your emotions – just like the external stimuli that gets your emotions out of control. This is why things like breathing techniques, meditation, repeating certain phrases, self-massage, and exercise are all good treatment options for people with anxiety. Once you know how to do deep breathing, for instance, you can associate those actions with a calming, sedating effect, which means that you’re more likely to calm down when you use them in the future, even when you’re already feeling anxious.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed with feelings of emotional anxiety, you may want to talk with a therapist about treatment options. There are many medication-free options if you want to try to overcome your anxiety without medications, but you may also choose to use medications for at least the beginning of your treatment period so that you can overcome your emotional anxiety problems more easily.

My advice if you’re suffering from emotional anxiety is to deal with the issue as soon as possible! Using specific techniques to overcome your anxiety can help you feel more relaxed on a regular basis and to deal with negative emotions when they inevitably arise.