Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal remedies for anxiety can be a great way to combat anxiety on a daily basis or to just keep your anxiety levels low throughout the day. Some herbal remedies for anxiety can even be used to cure severe panic attacks! These days, more and more research is coming out for homeopathic remedies, such as herbal teas and essential oils. This research shows that some herbal remedies for anxiety really do work well to curb anxiety and help calm the mind and nervous system.

Here are some of the most used herbal remedies for anxiety, if you’re interested in using these natural options to combat and calm your anxiety.

Most well-researched remedies

Some herbal remedies for anxiety have been shown to work mostly in anecdotal evidence, which means people have had excellent luck with them. A few, though, have actually been studied in real scientific studies. Two of these are kava and valerian.

I like using kava once in a while when anxiety gets really bad. It’s been proven to reduce anxiety pretty dramatically – it actually works about as well as many prescriptions, and it has fewer side effects. The problem, though, is that kava can harm the liver if you take it too much. If you already have liver problems, don’t take it at all. If you’re otherwise healthy, only take it for a few months at a time before you give yourself a break from it, using other, less potent and potentially less harmful herbal remedies for anxiety in between times.

Valerian has also been shown pretty conclusively to work as a sedative. It’s not one that you want to take during the day, though, since it can make you pretty sleepy! If anxiety is interfering with your ability to unwind and fall asleep at night, consider downing a cup of hot valerian root tea before bed. It can help unwind your nervous system, calm your brain, and get your body ready for sleep. It’s generally considered safe to take as long as you’re being reasonable and not drinking fifteen cups of valerian root tea a day!

Anecdotal remedies

There are lots of other herbal remedies for anxiety that have been used across cultures for centuries. These are somewhat less well-supported by science, but I’ve had good luck with many of them. Now if you’re pregnant or nursing, you’ll want to do a bit more thorough research on any herbal remedies before you take them, as the way things affect you might be different from the way they affect your baby!

Here are some of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety, most of which can be brewed into delicious teas:

Lavender: This has always been known as a calming herb, and it actually combines well with herbs like chamomile and valerian to make a calming sleep-time tea. Lavender is also great for essential oil aromatherapy when you need to calm anxiety.

Lemon Balm: I love lemon balm herbal tea in the mornings. It’s relaxing, but not sleep-inducing like valerian and chamomile can be for me. It’s actually super-easy to grow, so you can grow your own and make fresh tea every morning in the summer.

Passion Flower: I’m not a huge fan of how passion flower tastes, but it can definitely help lower blood pressure and solve digestive problems that often come with excessive anxiety. It can also cure insomnia and sedate the nervous system, so try using it at night. Lots of herbal tea blends for anxiety have a combination of passion flower, lavender, and valerian root in them.

Fennel: This is a stronger-tasting herb, but it can help get rid of anxiety and tension. It works well in food, if you’re not into drinking hot herbal teas.