How to Be Fearless

How to Be Fearless

Learning how to be fearless can be a big step in overcoming anxiety and living a bolder, more satisfying life. If you’re wondering how to be fearless, here’s the advice I have for you:

First, realize that not all fear is bad

Humans are made with a fear reaction for a reason! This reaction is meant to bring us into a fight or flight response and to help us fight or get away from a physical enemy. This means that all fear isn’t necessarily bad fear. You could still get mugged on your way home from work one day, and the adrenaline-charged fear response could be what saves you from worse consequences.

Next, realize that most fear is bad

On the other hand, though, most of the things we fear these days can’t be fought with a fight or flight response. For instance, when you have fear when actually encountering a mugger, that’s a good thing. But if you’re fearful of a nonexistent, imaginary, possibility of a mugger the whole way home, you might miss out on other things – like the beautiful flowers in front of an office building or the homeless person who could use your help. Fearing things that aren’t actually happening yet is a huge problem because it causes you to zone into your own emotions and zone out of everything else that’s happening around you.

This is why you want to learn how to be fearless. Learning how to be fearless isn’t about doing stupid things or taking unnecessary risks, although people who know how to be fearless often do live edgy lives where they experience some really amazing things that are beyond the comprehension of most normal human beings.

Think about things you’re afraid of

Now, consider some things you’re afraid of. It could be things like thunderstorms, heights, darkness, or spiders. Think about what makes you afraid of those things. Often times, it’s the perception of danger, even when you aren’t in danger. Then, do some research about those things. For instance, if you’re afraid of thunderstorms, learn about where they come from, what kind of damage they can do, and if they actually do any good in the world. Just knowing more about what you’re afraid of can help it seem more realistic and down-to-earth and much less scary.

Experience some of your fears

The best way to learn how to be fearless after you’ve decided what you’re afraid of is to face your fears. If you fear thunderstorms, see if you can find local storm chasers and go with them on their next storm chasing trip. Just experiencing the awe and beauty of a powerful storm might help your fear become overwhelmed in wonder.

If you’re afraid of heights, try sky diving, bungee jumping, or even rock climbing. You can make all these activities full of less fear simply by researching the place where you participate in them. Find a professional trainer or instructor who has a great safety record, and have that person explain to you why it’s silly to be truly afraid of what you’re about to do. For instance, at most rock climbing facilities, the ropes, knots, and metal clips are actually strong enough to haul a two ton truck up the wall! Clearly, they aren’t going to have any trouble holding you.

Facing your fears, understanding that fear is mostly a bad thing, and knowing when it’s okay to be afraid are the best ways to learn how to be fearless. Start working on your fears today, and you’ll be living a fuller, freer life than you could have imagined in no time at all.