How to Stop Anxiety

How to Stop Anxiety

If you’re wondering how to stop anxiety, you’re certainly not alone. There are three million people in America today who suffer from the most acute form of anxiety – panic disorder – but there are many, many more for whom anxiety is just a lingering presence woven throughout almost every day. I used to be one of them! Learning how to stop anxiety can take time and patience. Be gentle with yourself, and understand that the patterns of anxiety you’ve gotten into aren’t going to go away overnight.

While it’s important to be gentle with yourself, though, it’s also important to take over in your quest for how to stop anxiety. In order to learn how to stop anxiety, you really have to focus on learning the anxiety-busting techniques that work for you. There are so many techniques out there that you’ll have to spend some time figuring out what works for you in your quest to learn how to stop anxiety.

As you’re wondering how to stop anxiety, it’s a good idea to be aware of how anxious you are throughout the day. Learning what seems to trigger your feelings of anxiety is a good start to stopping it, as you can either avoid the triggers or modify how you react to them. As you’re more aware of how your anxiety starts, you’ll be more able to combat it with techniques like these:

Get more information

For many people, the quest for how to stop anxiety starts on the internet or in the library. You do need to find out more about anxiety and its causes, since this can help you deal with it more rationally. Also, though, you can find out more information about the things that are making you anxious. Uncertainty is an excellent way to create anxiety, so if you’re uncertain about something and are worried because of that, go get more information about it! You’d be amazed at how this can help get rid of anxiety.

Avoid Stimulants

It’s amazing to me that so many people wonder how to stop anxiety but then still drink six cups of coffee a day. Stimulants like caffeine and even nicotine can increase anxiety symptoms in almost everyone, but especially in people who are already sensitive to these things. If you have serious anxiety, spend a week or two cutting out all stimulants from your diet, and see what happens. You might never go back to fully caffeinated coffee again!

Work on Your Thoughts

Yes, it’s annoying to hear that you should just “think positively” in order to learn how to stop anxiety. However, negative thinking is the root of anxiety for almost all anxiety sufferers, and positive thinking can end the cycle of anxiety. You don’t have to be happy-go-lucky, feel-good-all-the-time positive, though. Instead, just work on analyzing your thoughts. Catch the ones that are overly morose or negative, and turn them into realistic thoughts. Realism is a much simpler and easier way to learn how to stop anxiety than completely unrealistic positive thinking.

Be Present

This is another of those thought-based things that some people don’t like, but it can really help in your quest to learn how to stop anxiety. Basically, anxiety is often caused by worrying about something that you’ve already said or done or about something that might possibly happen in the future. That’s not helpful at all! Instead, learn to live in the present, where anxiety isn’t nearly as much of a problem. One way to stay present is to practice mind-body exercises or even deep breathing exercises, which draw you back to the here and now, as your mind is forced to focus on the experience of your body at this very moment.