How to Stop Panic Attacks

How to Stop Panic Attacks

If you’re wondering how to stop panic attacks, you’re certainly not alone. There are about three million Americans who suffer from panic disorders right now! How to stop panic attacks is certainly at the top of all of their lists. Unfortunately, scientists are still researching how to stop panic attacks for good, but with these how to stop panic attacks techniques, you may be able to take control of your own panic attacks and help stop them in their tracks. Here are some of the best ways that panic sufferers everywhere have found to learn how to stop panic attacks:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

If you want to learn how to stop panic attacks for good, starting at the root of the problem, you may want to try cognitive-behavioral therapy. There are plenty of great doctors out there who specialize in this type of therapy, and there are also some good options for at-home cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment, where a home program takes you through the steps that you would learn otherwise from a therapist.

This is one of the most effective forms of therapy because it teaches you how to stop panic attacks at their very root – in your thoughts! If you have had frequent panic attacks, you’ve probably noticed that they mainly originate in your negative thoughts and how you react to them. Very rarely is a real panic attack caused by some external factor. Instead, they’re very internal, and by learning how to change the way you think and react to your own thoughts, you can learn how to stop panic attacks well before they even start.

If you have panic attacks, I would certainly recommend that you try cognitive-behavioral therapy, whether you try it at home on your own or through a local practitioner. It can be a very effective therapy to learn.

Relaxation Techniques

Stopping panic attacks once they’ve started can be very difficult, but by recognizing the early symptoms of a panic attack, you may be able to stop them before they even begin by practicing relaxation techniques. Practicing these techniques on a regular basis is important, though, because you need to know how to do them well if they’re going to work when you’re having an actual panic attack.

Techniques like deep, deliberate breathing and self-affirmations can help you stop a panic attack before it starts. As soon as you feel a panic attack coming on, it’s important to relax consciously. Relaxing your body can help some of the physical symptoms of panic attacks lessen or disappear. As you’re relaxing your body, you should also work on stopping the panic attack cycle in your mind. Many people find that it’s helpful to shout “Stop!” loudly inside their heads.

Just shouting stop can help because it can break the cycle of panicky thoughts that you’ve most likely allowed yourself to fall into. Then, you can redirect your thoughts into a more positive or reasonable frame of mind, which can stop the panic attack before it ever really gets started.

It Takes Time

Don’t worry if you seem to be unable to learn how to stop panic attacks right away. It takes practice to learn to get your mind and body to cooperate with what you want them to do, particularly when you’re already on the verge of or in the midst of a panic attack. Just start using behavioral-cognitive therapy as soon as possible, and then start using relaxation techniques each time you feel a panic attack coming on. Over time, you’ll learn to relax more efficiently, and your panic attacks will lessen and eventually disappear.