Laughter for Anxiety

Laughter for Anxiety

It might surprise you to find out that many people have found success in using laughter for anxiety relief. It has quite a few benefits, both physical and emotional. While you may have been told to stop taking things so seriously or lighten up, that isn’t what laughter for anxiety relief is about. Using laughter to help ease anxiety symptoms doesn’t mean that the condition isn’t difficult or frustrating.

Laughter for anxiety relief has several benefits. Physically, laughter is actually a form of exercise. It might sound silly, but when you laugh you’re getting a pretty good workout. Your heart rate and breathing increase in a healthy way, unlike when you have a panic attack. You actually burn a few calories. While it certainly doesn’t replace the need for physical activity, it contributes to overall health.

The second physical benefit you gain when you use laughter for anxiety symptoms is the release of stress. The hormones and chemical produced by your body in response to stress are lowered when you laugh. Laughter for anxiety relief also raises good hormones, serving as a strong counterweight to anxiety and tension.

Emotionally, using laughter for anxiety relief is great. Laughing impacts you emotionally in several ways. While it is partly related to the cause of the laughter, no matter what you’re laughing at you’ll find some positive results.

The best way to use laughter for anxiety relief is to share humorous situations with friends or family. Watching a funny movie, going to see a live comic, or simply sharing funny stories can reduce anxiety. When you share laughter with your loved ones, you experience emotional bonding as well as anxiety relief.

Laughter for anxiety relief is most effective when shared with others. Make sure that you spend time with friends who make you laugh. In addition to the stress release from the laughter, you will be building a stronger support system that makes your anxiety easier to bear even when you aren’t laughing.

You can also use laughter for anxiety treatment without others. You might watch a funny movie or read amusing material alone. While you aren’t getting the added benefits of bonding and support, you still release the chemicals that cause most anxiety.

Laughter for anxiety has long term benefits as well. Making a conscious and deliberate choice to surround yourself with people and things that make you laugh improves your overall outlook. If you regularly use laughter for anxiety then over time, your mind starts to dwell on amusing things instead of those that make you anxious.

When you have a positive outlook, your anxiety will decrease. Using laughter for anxiety helps to train your mind to focus on positive things. With practice, you will learn to see things as funny that used to make you anxious. Instead of being terrified about making a mistake you will be able to laugh at yourself. You’ll also find that when you think people are laughing at you they don’t mean any harm. They laugh at the same things in themselves, and you can learn to do it too.

Laughter for anxiety relief is safe, free, and effective. Not only does it decrease anxiety, it can improve your entire outlook on life. While it probably won’t cure your anxiety, when used in combination with other methods it can have a great impact on your state of mind.