Music for Anxiety

Music for Anxiety

Most people know that music for anxiety can be effective. What sorts of music do you listen to when you start to get anxious? I have my own “Chill Mix” on my computer that I turn on when I’m having a stressful day. The music helps calm and relax me, but when I’m starting to feel really anxious – like anxiety attack anxious – then I listen to music for anxiety that’s specifically meant to help calm me down.

This isn’t just music for anxiety that I like, but it’s actually a proven technique to work to reduce my overall feelings of anxiety. The music I listen to is on my Guided Relaxation CD by BrainSync. The music is calming, and the CD also includes brainwave entrainment tracks to help your brain get into a calmer state on a neurological level. I love this music for anxiety, and I use it on a regular basis to keep my brain in a calm, collected state. Here’s what you get with the Guided Relaxation CD.

What You Get

The great part about this CD is that it has two different tracks, which I like to use at different times. The first track involves guided relaxation, which is meant to help you actively relieve tension in your mind and body. This portion of the CD is great for learning how to relax yourself. It takes about thirty minutes, and it’s an excellent way to learn to relax yourself through meditation. Eventually, you may end up using this track less because you’ll learn to relax yourself without the guided relaxation techniques here. However, I think it’s definitely a good one to use when you’re just learning relaxation techniques.

The second thirty minute track includes music for anxiety combined with alpha waves. The alpha waves make the music for anxiety much more effective because they use brainwave entrainment to get your brain into a naturally relaxed state of being. The music for relaxation is pretty and calming to listen to on your own, and you can actually listen to it during your commute to work, while doing chores, or whenever.

I love that this particular music for relaxation adds in the power of alpha waves, which is what totally sets this apart from other types of music for relaxation. Instead of just getting music that can help you unwind, it offers you brainwave entrainment that actually helps you calm down on the most basic mental level, and that calmness can actually help bring your brain into calm states more easily even when you aren’t listening to Guided Relaxation.

Does it Work?

The Guided Relaxation CD from BrainSync is one of my favorites because it really does work. This music for relaxation is better than your favorite playlist because of the alpha waves added in. Plus, you get the guided relaxation techniques on this CD, which are so valuable. I loved learning to relax myself by listening to the guided relaxation track once or twice a week when I was really struggling with anxiety and anxiety attacks.

Now, I use the guided relaxation track less often, but music for anxiety is in my ears at least once a day or so. I love that it’s relaxing enough to unwind me but not so relaxing that I have to go to sleep after listening to it. The CD is helpful for staying relaxed on a regular basis, and I love using it every day when I’m driving to work to set the day off on the right note – with a relaxed, positive frame of mind.