Natural Anxiety Remedies

Natural Anxiety Remedies

Natural anxiety remedies can provide a measure of control over your anxiety symptoms. Chronic anxiety and panic attacks can have a huge impact on your quality of life. The expense of doctor visits and missed work, embarrassment over public panic attacks, and frustration that comes with being unable to control your symptoms can be significant. Using natural anxiety remedies can help you to regain some control over the situation.

There are a variety of natural anxiety remedies. Herbal supplements and lifestyle changes can reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms. As you look for a solution to your anxiety problems, remember that each anxiety disorder is different. Just as you will have some differences in causes and symptoms from another sufferer, you will have to find your own natural anxiety remedies. When you try something new, give it plenty of time to take effect. Don’t be discouraged when a treatment is ineffective.

Several herbal supplements can serve as natural anxiety remedies. While these are generally safe, be sure to let your doctor and pharmacist know that you are taking them. There are some herbal supplements that can have negative interactions with certain medications and medical conditions.

St. John’s Wort has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects, so it is one of the most common natural anxiety remedies. It can be taken alone, and is often used with other herbal substances in combination supplements. It is believed to be effective in many cases of anxiety and depression, from mild to quite severe.

Lemon extracts are usually consumed in teas. Lemon extract teas are used as natural anxiety remedies because they promote relaxation and calm. Bioflavonoids help to regulate the nervous system. Lemon is helpful for depression, anxiety, and even anger management.

Lavender oils are usually used in massage and aromatherapy. These natural anxiety remedies induce relaxation and are especially helpful in cases of chronic anxiety. Lavender also helps to treat insomnia, which often accompanies anxiety.

Passion flower contains chrysin. Chrysin is used in medications designed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. It lowers the blood pressure, eases stress, and helps on relaxation. If you are also taking a prescription anti-anxiety medicine, be sure you talk to your doctor. It may already contain chrysin and an additional supplement may be contraindicated.

Other than herbal supplements, there are other natural anxiety remedies that many find helpful. Meditation, breathing exercises, counseling, and exercise are often successful in reducing or even eliminating symptoms.

Meditation is extremely helpful in dealing with both chronic anxiety and sudden attacks. While it can be hard to center your mind during an episode, the effects can be dramatic. Blood pressure and heart rate decrease and racing thoughts subside. Developing the discipline required to clear and focus your mind during an attack takes time and practice, but unlike many natural anxiety remedies these can help during acute attacks.

Breathing exercises, like meditation and abdominal breathing techniques, may be helpful during panic attacks. When you are in the midst of an attack, it can be hard to remember what to do. If you are fortunate enough to have a supportive loved one with you during the attack they may help guide you through breathing exercises. Like other natural anxiety remedies, it can take some time to develop these skills. Patience and persistence can definitely pay off in the long run.

For many, exercise is the key in staving off anxiety. As stress levels build up over time, they can bring on anxiety symptoms. Exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate these hormones. Regular activity controls stress hormones, lowers your resting heart rate and blood pressure, and promotes peace of mind. Out of all of the natural anxiety remedies, exercise provides the most benefits to other health concerns.