Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

I’ve struggled with anxiety for nearly sixteen years. In my journey I’ve battled anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and more. I’ve dealt with the constant fear that I’ll have a panic attack in public (which of course only makes it more likely that I’ll have one) and I have been so anxious about social situations that at one point I didn’t leave my house for several months.

If you have an anxiety disorder then you know how frustrating it can be. The anxiety feeds on itself. The symptoms can mimic illness, making you more anxious because you think you might be sick. The fear of having embarrassing anxiety attacks in front of others makes it even worse. And to add insult to injury, you try one thing after the other to try to get some control over it and nothing seems to work.

I have found some success in using positive affirmations for anxiety. To put it simply, telling yourself positive things can help to retrain how you think and perhaps alleviate some of the feelings that build up. I have come up with some that I repeat every day to help manage chronic anxiety, and others that help during sudden panic attacks. I’ve even worked with some family and friends to come up with a few that they can do with me.

Positive affirmations for anxiety have helped me with chronic anxiety. While I still have some symptoms, the constant feeling of dread has lessened and I’m able to live a normal active life most of the time. I’ve used various positive affirmations for anxiety. Depending on the situation, I choose the most appropriate.

Daily positive affirmations for anxiety have made a huge difference in chronic symptoms. It helps to know what things make you most anxious. My weakness is social anxiety. I’ve always struggled with social situations. When my anxiety got so bad that I no longer left the house, I knew I had to do something. I use positive affirmations for anxiety to help manage those feelings.

Each morning I repeat over and over, as I get ready for the day, my main positive affirmations for anxiety. I say out loud “I am in control. I can get through today. I can leave any time I want to.” This helps me to face the day.

During the day I use other positive affirmations for anxiety when situations come up that I know are likely to cause a problem. Some that I like are “The worst thing that happens is someone laughs at me.” “I’m never going to see this person again.” and “I enjoy people and they enjoy me.” I know it sounds silly but when you repeat it over time it really helps.

My positive affirmations for anxiety relief might not work for you. You need to examine your anxiety and its causes. Once you understand what causes anxiety for you, you can create positive affirmations for anxiety that fits your situation.

If you’re driving, you might repeat “I am in control” and if you’re anxious about finances you might try something like “Every day I am better at handling money.” Experiment with various phrases and see what makes you feel better. I found that the phrase that is most likely to work for me is the one that, when I first say it, feels absolutely untrue.

Positive affirmations for anxiety work because the more we hear something the more likely we are to believe it. Repetition makes lessons sink in. Your positive affirmations for anxiety may not be true today, but if you work at it, they will eventually become true.